Omega deployment clasps

Browse our range of beautiful Omega deployment clasps, available in a selection of striking finishes to compliment your watch design and give that perfectly fitted look. All our Omega deployment clasps are made using premium materials and guarantee you lasting strength and durability. Deployment clasps are a sleek and sophisticated way to enhance your Omega watch…

What are the advantages of deployment clasps?

The main benefit of fitting an Omega deployment clasp is that they make putting your watch on and taking it off so much easier. What’s more, they also help prolong your strap life, as they require far less bending of your watch strap, which means less wear and tear in the long run.

What if I’m unsure about strap and clasp compatibility?

Our range of stylish Omega deployment clasps can be easily fitted to match most Omega models and the variety of our selection and sizing choice available means you’ll be able to easily find the perfect match for your Omega timepiece. We stock only original Omega deployment clasps made with a close attention to detail so you can showcase the beauty of your watch in authentic style. All our Omega clasps carry a genuine certificate of authentication and come with a warranty and quality guarantee.

What if I need help fitting my omega clasp?

To ensure a seamless fit for your watch clasp, our expert consultants are on hand to advise you. Simply send us a brief email to [INSERT LINK] outlining your request. If you need your clasp fitted, we provide a complimentary fitting service, free of charge, to all our purchasing customers.

Benefits of Omega Deployment Clasps:

  • Seamless fit to match all Omega watch models
  • Prolong the life of your watch – less wear and tear
  • Choice of sizes and finishes – find your perfect match
  • Complimentary fitting service – available to all purchasing  customers
  • Artisan created – authentic Omega guarantee of quality

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